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Spitfire haven

2nd November, 2009. 11:30 am. Health Care - we are all wondering and fretting about it, aren't we?

Just recently ran across this while looking up Health Care (recent debates in Congress and on the streets made us all a little more aware of what our health care looks like, the proposed changes/reforms and whether they'd be good or bad):


Professor Grinols really made me think about what we have and what we could potentially have if people only bothered to use their heads and think for the good of the people and not about their own wallets or prestige or vain glory or being health care mavericks.....

READ IT AND THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current mood: thoughtful.

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1st November, 2009. 12:09 am. My OWLs

Harry Potter Quiz

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25th May, 2007. 10:00 pm. New beginning


First of all, I don't even remember where I got my userpic, but I loved it so much that I had it saved on my computer and if it's somebody's private creation/possession and you are offended that I am planning on using it, please let me know - I don't want to irritate and/or offend anybody. It just felt like it described me so perfectly. I've fallen in love wiht books when I learned to read, back when I was five and by the age of twelve, I've read books by authors that ranged from Mitchell, Agatha Kristy stories, O'Henry, Brett Hart (I might've misspelled his name, cause I read him in Russian), Shakespeare, Hemingway, Hugo, Chehov, Dostoevskii, Lermontov (my favorite poet), Bronte sisters, Jack London....everything that I could get my hands on, especially a bunch of encyclopedias on history (world, religion, culture, etc) and definitely Bible (by now, I've read it 18 times, I think)...anyway, I am a book lover.

I am not sure how often, I'll update or how I am going to proceed with the journal, but I am feeling indeed optimistic and creative right now, oh and hopeful!

Current mood: hopeful.

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